About The Book

About The Book


Suddenly Adult

Peter Vine was born into a family of five (or six?) with a difficult social and financial background. A death in the family makes the family move to Nothingville, where they face even more problems. Peter starts school, where he needs to deal with the cruelty of an adult and the bullying of his classmates. On the other hand, he is lucky to have some teachers who see his talent on stage and his ability to communicate in different languages.

As years go by, Peter realizes he has feelings for other boys and tries to figure out whether he is bisexual or gay.

Having to cope with problems at home, Peter finally meets his first love. One evening at the dormitory, Peter is forced to come out by his classmates, and soon enough, the whole town knows about his sexuality and bullies him.

He decides to change things: he applies for an au pair job, packs his suitcase, and spends a summer in South Germany. After finishing his secondary education, he moves to Melrose to study and become a high school teacher.

While he is trying to find out who he is, Peter is faced with alcoholism, bullying, self-harm, hierarchy, injustice, stalking, and death.